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Here are testimonials from people who have been taught by Matthew at Pilates Encounter.

"As a teacher of movement it is always a joy to meet another teacher with passion, knowledge & the ability to communicate the method.  Matthew is such a teacher.  He has extensive knowledge of the Pilates Method, and delivers a class that is both grounded in the classical practice, while being able to adapt exercises to meet your needs.  Class is always a fun & enriching experience, and I always leave feeling, centred & alive in my body."

Gae D - Llandogo (Pilates / Mindfulness and Meditation teacher)

"Gae, thank you so much for this testimonial about your experiences here at the studio.  We really value you and your presence, as well as loving knowing and supporting your own work with clients in the local area."

Matthew and Jayne - Pilates Encounter

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